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Amazon Alexa to reward kids who say: 'Please'

A good manners feature will praise children if they ask questions politely.

Nottingham Trent University 'racist' video pair face charges

A student recorded the footage from her room at Nottingham Trent University.

Young can 'only read digital clocks'

Teachers say traditional clocks are being taken out of exam halls for pupils who need digital formats.

Sexual violence guide created for Scottish universities

It is backed by the mother of a student who took her own life after being in an abusive relationship.

Cambridge beats Oxford to top university guide's table

It beat rival Oxford to be judged first in The Complete University Guide 2019.

Universities minister's own student rent debt bailout

Universities minister Sam Gyimah says he could have been thrown out of university without a bailout for his rent.

Food bank charity gives record level of supplies

The UK's biggest food bank network gave out 1.3 million three-day emergency food supplies last year.

Extreme haircut ban school cuts staff

Trust "wants to shut ICT and design technology departments" at Great Yarmouth academy as rolls fall.

Royal baby: What's it like growing up as a third child?

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have had a third child, but what difference does birth order make?

Two-child benefit limit lawful, court rules

Families lose legal challenge to government over limiting some benefits to first two children.

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